Apple iPhone 5 Production Photos?

With rumors circling the Internet for a possible October 7 iPhone 5 release, Apple fans around the world are eager to see what look Apple's new device will take and what features it will sport.

For now, one report seems to have captured factory scenes of what might be the display for Apple's fifth generation smartphone.

Reported by M.I.C Gadget, the photos seem to exhibit factory workers checking smartphone displays. The media outlet's acronyms stand for "Made in China" and primarily reports about tech stories related to China.

In this instance, M.I.C Gadget wrote that the pictures were taken of workers working in Wintek, a company that produces electronic components, primarily touch screens for Apple's iPhone. Although not entirely sure, the media outlet cites a Tweet that suggested the pictures were taken in a Wintek Factory.

The pictures showing displays that possess an "elongated home button" not seen in previous iPhone models was posted on a micro blog called Sina, the equivalent of Twitter in the Asian country.