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Arab-Christian Woman Fired After Resisting Islamic Conversion Attempts in UK Workplace

A Christian woman launched a lawsuit in Britain after being fired from her job for “falsehoods” claimed by extremist Muslims, and shared how her faith was mocked and attacked at her former work place.

Nohad Halawi worked as a perfume salesperson for close to 13 years at Heathrow Airport when she was told in a letter in July that she would no longer be needed. She was suspended before for an incident where a Muslim coworker claimed he had overheard her talking about his faith, allegations that were never proven.

The woman shared with The Telegraph that for a long period before her dismissal, she was harassed for her Christian faith. Islamic were trying to force her to read the Qur’an; they told her she would go to Hell if she did not abandon her religion; they bullied a friend of hers for wearing a cross; and, they called Jesus disparaging names.

She also disclosed some very anti-American feelings that had formed at the work place.

"They said that 9/11 served the Americans right and that they hated the West, but that they had come here because they want to convert people to Islam,” said the mother of two.

"I have been sacked on the basis of unsubstantiated complaints so there is now great fear amongst my former colleagues that the same could happen to them if one of the Muslims turns on them. This is supposed to be a Christian country, but the law seems to be on the side of the Muslims,” Halawi added.

The Christian Legal Centre took up her case, and they are raising questions over whether Christians in the country are being discriminated in favor of Islam followers, who are enjoying a larger level of protection. The changing immigration laws in the United Kingdom have opened up many opportunities in recent decades for Muslims, particularly from Asia, to move into Britain.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, the director of the Christian Center, told The Telegraph that the case is a testament to the fact that Islamic fundamentalism is rising in the country, and that religious discrimination is becoming a huge issue.

Hopes are that the case will open the door for many other victims of prejudice to come forward and let their stories be known, which would be a big step forward towards pushing for stricter laws and more protection.

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