Thursday, December 08, 2011
Are Baby Jesus and the Nativity Scene Offensive?

Are Baby Jesus and the Nativity Scene Offensive?

The Nativity scene on the Henderson county courthouse lawn has become the center of a debate between local pastors and the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation that wants it removed.

FFRF co-founder Annie Laurie Gaylor has spoken with The Christian Post and explained when dealing with government land that “if you open it up to the public you need to include all voices.”

The dispute arose after a local resident who was offended by the display contacted the FFRF, which is based in Wisconsin, who then subsequently sent a letter on Dec. 1 to Henderson County officials asking the display be removed because it was illegal.

Now a group of local pastors are coming together in an effort to raise support and awareness to what some are saying is an opportunity to “stand up for the faith we believe in.”

Nathan Lorick, of First Baptist Church in Malakoff, is one of those pastors who is taking responsibility to resolve the situation.

“My involvement is on a spiritual level,” he proclaimed.

He continued to express his desire and his intention for using this incident “as a platform to gather as many supporters as possible” he told CP.

Lorick feels that “Christians have been a silent majority” when it comes to voicing concerns about the erosion of Christian expression during the holidays.

Local resident Tracie Lynda was shocked that anyone would have a problem with the Nativity, “So now they’re trying to take Baby Jesus.”

“What is so offensive about a baby in a manger? If it does not mean anything to you, why does it offend you?” reported by Fox News.

Pastor Lorick said he was planning a rally with the other local pastors in Athens to take place at the courthouse lawn.

He has asked for prayers from fellow Christians to garner the strength to “stand for the faith we believe in to take America back.” He said the rally is scheduled to take place on Dec. 17.


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