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Author Offers Help to Christian Women in Abusive Marriages

Author Offers Help to Christian Women in Abusive Marriages

The founder of, a Christian website that aids individuals with low self-esteem and a distorted self-concept, authored a new e-book (electronic book) that helps Christian women who feel trapped in abusive marriages.

I Will Not Be Broken. How to Shut Down Verbal Abuse and Bring Out Your Inner Diva, written by Dr. Yukio Strachan Phillips, addresses a problem that many Christian women face when in troubled marriages. And they feel unable to leave the marriage because divorce is looked down upon in the church.

"'God Hates Divorce!' are what abused Christian women face in their Faith Community," explained a description of the book. "Instead of healing, victims continue to suffer in silence and told to 'submit like the Bible says' to their abuser."

Strachan felt compelled to tackle the issue since many women in faith communities need a greater understanding of domestic violence.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Lynne Baker from the University of Queensland, results showed that numerous Christian women were forced to stay in abusive marriages because it would be thought of as greater sin to leave their husbands.

A sample e-mail sent to Strachan from an anonymous woman explained, "Even though I have been physically and verbally abused by my Christian husband, my church does not support my decision for divorce. I feel abandoned."

Strachan argues that instead of being places of healing for those that are suffering, churches have often times become an institution of burden, because they lack knowledge about domestic hostility.

Her new book reaches out to both the church and to women who feel confined in their marital relationship. The author uses her own past as an example of how she too felt chained to an unhappy and brutal life.

"Yukio has provided an invaluable resource for anyone looking to transcend fear and limitation," commented Dr. Mike Davison, Clinical Psychologist, author, and founder of, in a review. "I have provided consultation to domestic violence programs for the past 10 years and find Yukio's book to be truly unique and powerful. She models what is possible for anyone who feels shackled by fear, terror, or limited by abuse or feels restricted or disempowered by their current circumstances."

Strachan also writes free syndicated articles to help Christians gain self-esteem through a greater relationship with God.


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