Baby Falls Eight Stories: Mom Jumps to Death Holding Son, Baby Survives

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(Photo: Google Maps Screen Shot)A baby has fallen eight stories and survived after his mother held him as she jumped to commit suicide in West Harlem, New York on Wednesday.

A baby has fallen eight stories after his own mother seemingly attempted to commit suicide by jumping out of an apartment window while holding her son.

The tragic incident took place in New York on Wednesday, and amazingly the baby survived the massive drop, according to police.

Mother, Cynthia Wachenheim was found on the street with her son, 10-month-old Keston. Emergency services were called and a police officer who responded to the incident rushed the baby to a local hospital for treatment. He was listed as being in a critical but stable condition.

Authorities believe the mother purposely jumped from the eighth floor apartment window as they later found a seven page suicide note under her bed.

The note reportedly states that the 45 year old mother knew that what she was about to do was "evil" but that she was worried about how her child was developing. Early reports have not confirmed whether the baby had any known mental or physical problems.

Authorities found the window to the mom's West Harlem apartment wide open, and confirmed that there were no signs of any struggle inside, so they are not suspecting any foul play.

The mother and baby lived in the apartment with the woman's husband - he had left the apartment about an hour earlier before the tragic incident.

One eye witness, Steven Dominguez, 18, who was walking to a local grocery store at the time, saw the mother and baby fall, and described seeing the baby bounce off his mother's body on the impact - something that softened the blow and potentially saved the baby's life.


The mother reportedly went to law school at Columbia University, but she had suffered the loss of her father, a state police spokesman, in 2011. She had also worked in the state Supreme Court in Manhattan doing legal research for judges, court officials have reported.