'Baby Girl Don't Die'; Mother Mistakenly Shoots Only Daughter Thinking It Was Her Threatening Younger Boyfriend Banging on Door

(Photo: Screen Grab via CNN)Adele Bing, 52 (l) being arrested for the shooting death of her only daughter.

It was "a f--ked up accident" a grieving Adele Bing, 52, reportedly told police after she was arrested for killing her only daughter Ruby Bing, 25, as she held her 4-month-old baby at her doorstep Monday.

Witnesses to the heartbreaking drama reportedly told police that after they heard a gunshot, they saw Bing weeping as she cradled her beloved daughter in her arms saying "Baby girl, don't die," according to CNN.

Winter Haven Police in Florida said when they arrested Bing, the distraught woman told them: "How could I look my grandkids in their face and say I killed their mother? Y'all can lock me away for good."

She is now facing a second degree murder charge as well as child abuse without causing great bodily harm because her daughter was holding her young granddaughter at the time she shot her.

At the time of the incident which took place about 8:47 p.m. Monday, the grieving mother was "still upset" after a "heated argument" with her 39-year-old lover James Lane who had allegedly threatened to kill her earlier that day.

Woman Accidentally Shoots Only Daughter

That night, she had armed herself with "a baseball bat in her left hand and a .22-caliber pistol in her right hand" in preparation for his attack. She had planned "to kill her boyfriend" before he had the opportunity to make good on his threat to end her life.

She thought Lane was the one "banging and kicking on her front door," that night so "as she opened the door, a shot was fired, hitting her daughter in the upper chest," explained the police in a release. Her daughter died on the spot.

Unfortunately for the elder Bing and luckily for her boyfriend, he was still being treated at a Winter Haven hospital for a head injury suffered after Bing hit him with a gun, according to a police statement.
He was being interviewed by police at the emergency room when they received the call about the shooting at Bing's home.

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