'Bachelorette' Star Brooks Forester: 'I Know I Made the Right Decision' to Leave Desiree

Brooks Forester stunned Desiree Hartsock when he walked out on their relationship. Now the former "Bachelorette" star is breaking his silence and explaining what happened between them.

"I know I made the right decision and that was about being honest with Desiree and myself, and that conversation and the breakup [was what it] was, and as bad as it hurt I just do know how I can regret being honest. So I look back and I say, 'I know that's the right decision.' That was the right decision going into that conversation with her," Forester told Reality World TV.

Forester was very clear that he did not regret making the tough decision to leave, and he "didn't have a moment" where he thought he should go back and be with Desiree.

"I am happy for her," he told HollywoodLife about Desiree's ultimate decision to accept Chris' proposal. "They came looking for love and they found that. Both are amazing individuals, and the fact that they found that and they are comfortable with each other, and comfortable with decisions that they have made, and feel like they can back up the words 'I love you' to each other and commit to that relationship is something to be celebrated, and I am extremely happy for them."

Forester explained that he "just wasn't there yet" when it came to saying "I love you" to Desiree. Even though she said it fairly early in the show, he still had reservations and didn't want to say it if it wasn't real and honest.

Right now, Desiree and Chris are on a media tour after the finale of the "Bachelorette." The happy couple said they are planning a wedding for next summer but are undecided as to whether they will allow ABC to film the nuptials.

"I knew she was the one; she was in it for the long haul," Chris told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan the morning after the finale aired.