Bachmann Seen as Most Dangerous to Economy, Poll Finds

A Washington Post/Bloomberg poll released on the eve of the GOP candidate debate on economic policy reveals a possible reason why Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign continues to lose steam: voters believe she would do the most harm to the economy if elected president.

The poll, which sampled 1,000 adult voters, found that 15 percent felt Bachmann would do the most damage to the economy than any other GOP candidate. Texas Governor Rick Perry followed as the second most dangerous to the economy with 12 percent.

Possibly anticipating the lack of support on economic policy reflected in the poll, Bachmann released an 11-point economic plan today. The plan, titled “American Jobs, Right Now,” focuses on cutting taxes, reducing the size of the federal government as well as repealing federal regulations including healthcare reform.

Bachmann’s 11-point plan would also repeal “radical environmental laws” and promote energy independence. It calls for cutting $800 billion of new tax revenue.

The congresswoman also expressed frustration in her plan that American “job creators” spend trillions of dollars to satisfy government regulations. She demands “this red-tape rampage must stop.”

"It's evident that the current trajectory of our country is simply not sustainable and President Obama lacks the understanding of how to return to a position of economic prominence in the world," Bachmann said in a press release introducing the plan. "My blueprint will create an environment which will create real jobs here at home, and return America to a position of economic prominence in the world."

According to her estimates, 1.4 million jobs would be added to the economy.

This blueprint, despite criticisms from some that it is not substantial enough, will give Bachmann concise talking points in tonight’s GOP presidential debate. The debate will primarily focus on the economy, which compared to other candidates is not Bachmann’s strong point.

The poll was good news for Gov. Mitt Romney and Herman Cain. Of the adult voters polled, 17 percent said Romney would make the economy better. Ten percent of the adult voters said Herman Cain would help.

However, the public does not seem to hold out much hope for Republicans as a whole when it comes to the economy. The poll reveals the 45 percent believe the economy would be just as bad with a GOP president while 25 percent believes it would be worse. Forty-four percent of the adult voting population polled said a Republican president in 2012 would make no difference when it comes to the economy.

Results are based on telephone interviews. Of the 1,000 adults interviewed from Oct. 6 to Oct. 9 was a sample of 391 Republicans and Republican leaning independents, the margin of error for the full sample is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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