Bacon Milkshake: Jack in the Box Offers Meat-Flavored Drink (VIDEO)

Bacon milkshake is slated to be the latest flavor offered by Jack In The Box.

The bacon milkshake will be offered for for a limited time by the restaurant chain's shops in 19 states, according to reports.

But there won't be a need to fry more bacon to keep up with shake demands. The milkshake is reportedly made with flavored syrup.

The shake was offered only on Friday as part of the "Marry Bacon" ad campaign.

The shake was made with vanilla ice cream and bacon-flavored syrup. The desert drink packs a punch with 773 calories and 40 grams of fat in each 16 oz. cup. Then the shake is topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

The bacon campaign kicked off with an ad that features a man telling his mother he is getting married. The woman asks who the girl is, but the man quickly announces that it is bacon.

The commercial shows the man and a strip of bacon partaking in a number of things traditionally done by couples, including, ring shopping and a wedding ceremony.

The video wraps up with a voice over, announcing, "If you love bacon, make it official."

"You may now eat the bride," an actor portraying a wedding official said.

It is unclear if the campaign will add any other odd bacon pairings. The shakes were sold out quickly, according to reports. It is unclear if there will be a return of the bacon shake due to popular demand.

Watch the ad below.