Beauty Queen Contestant Joanlia Lising Spits Nonsense on Why Seeing Is The Best Sense

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/mikey gatal)Joanlia Lising (2nd r)

Beauty contestant Joanlia Lising did not place in the recently concluded Miss Philippines USA 2013 contest last weekend and she could perhaps blame it all on anxiety and her nonsensical response about why seeing is her favorite sense.

In an "epic fail" moment that has gone viral on YouTube, Lising was asked during her time in the contest, which of the five senses she would choose to have if she could have only one and her response shocked the Internet.

While Lising appeared confident and poised as she sashayed across the stage to tackle her question, everything started going downhill as quickly as her hands touched the microphone and she said: "Thank you for that wonderful question."

"If I have to pick out of five senses, I would pick seeing," she said in what would be the best and most sensible portion of her response.

"Because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see because seeing is believing and believing into who we see is perfect. And out of all the senses seeing could really," she said with a little hand wringing. "Be wonderful because thank you. That would be it."

Lising's response evoked a collective head shake from social media with most making fun of her response while some sympathized.

"Sashay to mike (sic), POSE. Stumble through kindergarten question, POSE. Thank you, you brainless putz," wrote rpare666 on YouTube.

"Halfway through I was wishing I lost my hearing..." wrote JF Grillo in another YouTube Response.

"The reason these women in beauty contests and Miss America have such bonehead responses to these simple questions is because it's impossible to think clearly when you've starved your body and mind for days," added another commenter listed as Java Jacks.

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