Beyonce Says Performing While Pregnant Was Difficult

Pop superstar Beyonce discussed what it was like performing while pregnant at the New York screening of her new concert DVD, Live at Roseland, on Monday.

"The whole time I was thinking, 'everyone knows, everyone can see,’” she told the AP. "When you're pregnant, it's a little bit harder to breathe, so it was hard doing all the choreography and singing at the same time, but I just got my strength from all the love from the fans."

Throughout the interview, the 30-year-old singer emphatically thanked her fans for all of their support.

"I saw everyone standing out in the rain with their umbrellas and they had been waiting for hours, and I just wanted to give everything I could," said Beyonce of her performance at the Roseland Ballroom. "I can see all of my superfans in the audience when I'm performing because they're doing the choreography harder than me...It's really a special bond...It's just beautiful and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I give everything that I can give and I'm always thinking about all of the fans."

Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, were married in 2008, and this year, the singer announced her pregnancy at the end of a performance for the song "Love on Top" at the MTV Video Music Awards. News of the pregnancy set a record for the largest number of tweets on Twitter for an event per second, according to The Huffington Post, with 8,868 tweets being posted per second.

Beyonce recently said that she thinks Jay-Z will be an "inspirational" father.

"Of course he will be a good father," Beyonce said to "His music has inspired millions of people over the last two decades, but he inspires the people around him on a more personal level, too. He's an inspirational artist, friend and husband and his next step is to be an inspirational father."