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Bible Society Sticks to Real Story this Christmas

Bible Society Sticks to Real Story this Christmas

LONDON – More than five million stickers telling the real story of Christmas are being made available across the Untied Kingdom this season.

The stickers, produced by Bible Society, are designed to be stuck next to stamps on Christmas cards as a novel way of reminding people that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

"Christmas is at the heart of the Christian faith, yet year after year, there is no room in society's inn for the nativity," said John Ranford, Bible Society Development Officer. "We want to put Christ's birth at the center of everyone's celebrations this year."

Hundreds of Christmas Story stickers were handed out to shoppers in Ely last week to mark their nationwide launch.

The launch coincided with the Living Nativity staged by Churches Together in Ely to coincide with the turning on of the Christmas lights, in which three camels bearing wise men were led through the grounds of Ely Cathedral to a stable with Mary, Joseph, Jesus and a donkey.

Helen Wright, from Churches Together in Ely, said she was thrilled at the hundreds of people who had turned out for the event but encouraged people to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

"We staged the Living Nativity with real camels and, of course, Joseph, Mary, wisemen, shepherds and the sheep all playing their part," she said.

"We just want to remind people about the good news that Christmas brings, in the midst of the consumerism that can blot out the love of God."


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