Bieber Meltdown: Justin's Epic Twitter Rant Worries Concerned Fans

Justin Bieber has had a rough couple of days that seemed to get worse after he unloaded an epic rant on Twitter where he slammed fake stories trying to sell papers.

On Monday, fans were angered after he reportedly arrived to his concert at London's O2 Arena nearly two hours late. Bieiber did not help matters when he offered a less than humble apology for disappointed fans that had to leave the show before they were able to see him preform.

Drivers in East London described his behavior as "peculiar" after he was allegedly seen hopping between cars on a busy London road near the O2 Arena on Tuesday. The incident allegedly took place after his concert at the arena earlier that night.

"He was acting really peculiarly, car-hopping around a procession of black Bentleys, surrounded by motorbikes, all sporting Canadian flags while traffic was at a standstill. It was all a bit odd," a source told the Daily Mirror.

To express is frustration over the recent events, Bieber took to social media to connect with his fans.

"Rumors rumors and more rumors. nothing more nothing less. might talk about them 1 day. rt now im just gonna be positive. cant bring me down," Bieber posted to his Twitter account on Wednesday.

"Im focused on the good things in life. im blessed and not forgetting it. im giving back every day for it. cant phase me," he added.

Tuesday was the second show at the O2 Arena for Bieber on his current European tour- he arrived on stage a few minutes early, according to fans, after angering fans in the previous night's concert when he turned up two hours late for the start of his set.

Still, Bieber is trying to stay positive during this turbulent time.

"Im only judged by one power, and i serve him. so yeah I will continue being me. i will continue to serve, to perform, to care, to love, to smile, to dance, to play, to sing...and u are welcome to join, because i carry no hate. We got to much love for that. Im about the music," Bieber wrote.