Bishop Yohanna Qolta: Egypt is in Social, Political and Religious Imbalance

In the wake of the attacks on St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo, religious leaders are warning that their country is in a state of imbalance and close to falling into total chaos.

"Egypt is now in a state of political, social and religious imbalance," associate patriarch of the Catholic Church H.G. Bishop Yohanna Qolta, told Mideast Christian News. "Where the prestige of state and law has fallen, and become unchecked and anarchic."

"According to the presidential statement, the Copts perhaps began throwing stones from inside the cathedral, and they were in a state of grief, but does that offset some young people going, masked, from police armored vehicles," the bishop continued.

Bishop Qolta continued saying it is clear that the state has lost control over society, stressing that "this is a transient period and Egypt will return to a better position and secure homeland."

"Who is that masked person inside the vehicles, and [does he have] any right to attack Copts?" the bishop asked. "Does throwing stones equal 80 teargas canisters being thrown inside the cathedral?"

Regarding Pope Tawadros II's decision to cancel his Wednesday sermon to mourn the victims, His Grace said: "Everyone is in a state of extreme grief, and seeing his sons falling without the offender being punished or a trial, justice, equality, the simplest thing is for him to focus on unity and allow God to extend the hand of aid to the people and raise their injustice."