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Bison Attack: Man Rammed by 1500 Pound Bison After Taunting Animal (VIDEO)

Bison Attack: Man Rammed by 1500 Pound Bison After Taunting Animal (VIDEO)

Eye witness Wayne Ebenroth snapped this photo of the bison ramming the man.

A bison attack has stunned a man visiting Antelope Island State Park in Utah, after a 1,500 pound bison rushed at the man, ramming him into a fence.

The man had apparently been taunting the bison, and did not realize the danger he was putting himself in.

Assistant park manager John Sullivan has said, "This person is very, very, very lucky that he wasn't killed."

The man was reportedly unharmed in the vicious attack, Sullivan reported, "other than being a little dusty, embarrassed and shell-shocked."

Eye witnesses have reported to various media outlets that the man had gone out of his way to taunt the bison and catch its attention. At the time the bison was said to be moving along minding its own business walking elsewhere. However, he noticed the man trying to catch its attention.

One eye witness, Wayne Ebenroth of Boise, Idaho, said during an interview Wednesday on KSL NewsRadio: "The [bison] had gone through the gate section that's located real close to where he got hit and looked like he was going to run off the field. He had to have done something to catch the [bison's] attention, because that's when he turned around and decided to pay him a visit."

Ebenroth took photos of the incident. He said, "[The bison] just was not comfortable with how close he was hanging out with him."

The man has denied taunting the animal despite what eye witnesses have said; he insisted all he did was raise his arm.

Park officials have also said that they have decided not to cite the man with any offense, feeling that he had suffered enough already.

Here is video footage of another bison attack in Yellowstone National Park in 2009 where three girls manage to escape being rammed by the bison:


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