Black Friday 2011: Apple Stores Prep for Biggest Shopping Day

Apple is readying its store locations for massive holiday sales.

“We have just learned that Apple retail stores are having an ‘overnight’ tonight to setup new Express Lanes,” said technology website 9to5Mac.

The express lanes will accommodate massive traffic attracted to Apple store locations during the holiday season, especially on Black Friday.

The stores are staffed with several Apple Specialists. The stores will also stock popular laptop models, along with every version of the iPad and iPod, including Classic, Shuffle, Nano and Touch.

“The fact that Apple is using the express lane again this year is a bit interesting because the new Apple Store app was released today, which adds self-checkout and in store pickup,” said 9to5Mac.

Some Apple customers commented on the implementation of express lanes during the holiday season on 9to5Mac.

“I appreciate the new express lanes,” wrote forum user My2Cents. “I had frustrating experiences when I purchased Apple computers as it is not easy to catch an employee with the store. The hunting often takes more time than the purchasing process.”

Forum user MadusMaximus also added his opinion on the stores' holiday sale strategy: “It’s 50/50 in my experience. But having said that, most of the time the place is ram packed with customers and people looking around so it’s understandable that they can’t always come to you when you push the button. Still saves running around,” he said.

The new Hong Kong location makes an express counter available year round due to tons of traffic in the store on a daily basis.