Bob Costas Pink Eye Spreads to Both Eyes: NBC Winter Olympics 2014 Host's Eye Infection Spreads, Matt Lauer to Step-In (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Bob Costas, who is currently hosting NBC's Winter Olympic 2014 coverage from Sochi, Russia, has been seen for much of the first week of the Games with one pink eye – explaining early on that he had an eye infection. However, things seem to have gotten more difficult for the presenter as on Monday night he was shown to have pink eye in both eyes.

Here is how the NBC primetime host looked presenting the show on NBC on Monday night:

(Photo: NBC Screen Shot)Bob Costas's eye infection has spread to both eyes. This is the NBC host as shown on Monday night's Winter Olympics 2014 coverage from Sochi, Russia.

Winter Olympic fans quickly took to Twitter on Monday night to highlight Costas swollen red eyes, and weigh in on the worsening health of the Sochi Games host.

On Twitter Dave Zirin on @EdgeofSports posted, "Bob Costas needs to sit the next couple of plays out....."

Nathan T. Wright using Twitter handle @nathantwright wrote: "The parasite living in Bob Costas' left eye seems to have migrated to his right. How soon before it jumps to a new host? Matt Lauer is next."

Although some expressed concern for the host, others also chimed in by saying that the painful looking eyes made them feel a bit queasy, and others said their eyes were watering just looking at Costas.

Finally it seems that NBC has taken the move to give Costas the night off, and Matt Lauer will be stepping in to take over the Winter Olympics coverage on Tuesday night until Costas is back.

Here is a video of Matt Lauer giving his thoughts on Bob Costas' worsening pink eye infection: