'Bob's Burgers' Season 7 Episode 21: Bob Joins a Parade Steeped in Rain in Season Finale; 107-Song Album Released

Facebook/BobsBurgersA promotional banner for FOX's animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers" featuring the Belcher family.

Bob joins a parade on the upcoming season finale of FOX's animated sitcom "Bob's Burgers."

The day of the Bog to Beach parade approaches, but the weather forecast says that it's going to be one rainy affair. Teddy manages to convince Bob to join the float contest with the promise of an easy win. However, according to the official synopsis for the episode curiously titled "Paraders of the Lost Float," things may not be so easy after all.

Due to the rain, the parade will soon go awry, and right in the middle of it, Bob comes to realize that an attitude adjustment may be in order.

How badly will the forecasted rain ruin the parade? And what exactly will go wrong about it that makes Bob think he needs to adapt a new perspective in life? Will he feel bad that he got so easily lured into participating in a challenge that promises a sure win? How badly does he need that particular victory anyway, and how will he manage to regain or earn whatever it is that he has lost or hoped to get for participating in the parade?

The episode will also feature appearances from the Belchers' meddling landlord, Mr. Fischoeder; the pizzeria owner and Bob's toughest rival Jimmy; and Ollie, one-half of Jimmy's hyperactive twins.

Fans of the popular animated sitcom may miss the show for a few months, but the Belcher family are all set to return later this year for an eighth season.

Moreover, the highly anticipated "The Bob's Burgers Music Album" has finally arrived, featuring 107 songs from the first 107 episodes of the series. The said album comes in an impressively packed deluxe, limited-edition box set that contains three LPs, a seven-inch single of "Bob's Buskers" songs performed by such artists like The National and St. Vincent, a hardbound lyric book featuring original artwork, a sheet music songbook, some original posters, and more freebies.

"Doing music on the show has always been a great treat," series creator Loren Bouchard told Billboard. "The fact that anybody wanted to listen to it, celebrate it, learn it on ukulele... It has all been incredible," the creator added.

The season 7 finale of "Bob's Burgers" airs on Sunday, May 21, at 7:30 p.m. EDT on FOX.