'Bones' Season 9 Spoilers: Booth and Brennan 'More Honest With Each Other'

This season of Fox's hit "Bones" has been especially exciting for fans. After the much-anticipated wedding of Booth and Brennan, many are wondering what could be next. "Bones" producer Steven Nathan provided some spoilers about tonight's episode as well as the episodes to come.

Steven Nathan recently sat down for an interview with TV Guide, where he explained that the wedding is the start of something, rather than the end.

"It is a new era, but we never thought [the wedding] was the end," Nathan tells TVGuide.com. "We always felt that the marriage was an integral part of their story, but it wouldn't really compromise the show. These characters are so different -- that's what sustains the show. Now, in a strange way, they are more honest with each other and their differences can be heightened. But they are dealt with as two people who love each other."

On tonight's episode, Brennan will work as a juror. Nathan explains what fans can expect from Brennan in that role.

"There is no juror like Brennan," Nathan says. "You can imagine somebody who feels they're somewhat infallible being on a jury. Most people are mystified by her, as is the judge. While it's very funny, it's also a very difficult process for her and she has to accept things that she has done in the case that she has to resolve."

The producer also explained that audiences can expect to see a softer side of Brennan tonight, when an investigation leads Brennan to interact with a grieving parent.

"Usually, the human aspect of the show -- the understanding -- goes to Booth. But there are some people that only Brennan can understand. She can understand the difficulty these people have. There are people who struggle in a way that Brennan struggles. So, it's particularly emotional to watch that happen," he said.

"Bones" airs tonight on Fox at 8/7c.