'Breaking Amish' Star 'Hates Castmates,' Wants Her Own Show

"Breaking Amish" star Kate Stoltzfus apparently has other ambitions than her TLC co-stars. Reports state that Stoltzfus has problems with her castmates and is desperate to have her own reality series.

"Kate hates her castmates from 'Breaking Amish,'" a source told Us Magazine. "She has no camaraderie with them; she can't really relate anymore. She has big dreams and they aren't in line with everyone else."

It's been no secret that "Breaking Amish" has caused a stir ever since its first episode aired. Many have called the show phony in its depiction of Amish teens supposedly away from home for the first time and adjusting to life in New York City. Unfortunately, as was later determined, most of the cast had already been away from home and some had secrets of their own.

Stoltzfus herself was arrested for DUI and was put on probation before "Breaking Amish" began. The entire show has been under scrutiny, as has the cast. It's been difficult for them to remain on the show and for the show to continue filming as the series continued.

During the show's reunion special, it was clear that there was animosity between the cast mates.

"I'm trying to get everything in my past and move on," Stoltzfus explained. And that means trying to move on from the series and get her own reality show.

"She is still currently waiting tables in Florida, but she moves to NYC and is SO excited about it," the source noted. Stoltzfus' publicity team has advised her "not to participate in any more [seasons of] 'Breaking Amish' and land 'a spin-off about her modeling career.'"

Stoltzfus is willing to go to any lengths to secure her new life, including "visits to a plastic surgeon, more photo shoots, meeting with designers, [and] a make-over," the source revealed.

"Breaking Amish" just wrapped its first season, but you can get caught up with the first season on TLC.