Breaking Bad Uses Ideas of Teen Fan Who Died of Cancer in Final 8 Episodes

The latest episode of AMC's hit show, Breaking Bad, was dedicated to a big fan who lost his battle with cancer during the filming of the series' final season.

Before the credits rolled on, a special message appeared on screen for the fallen fan.

"Dedicated to our friend Kevin Cordasco."

According to Los Angeles Daily News, the fan was only 16 years old and battled neuroblastoma for seven years before succumbing to the disease in March.

"[Vince] thought he was such a smart, thoughtful young man and thought he had truly interesting insights on the show," said Melissa Bernstein, an executive producer, about the show's creator Vince Gilligan reports the Daily News. "He thought that it would be a fitting tribute and hopefully, something that Kevin would get a real kick out of."

In fact, Cordasco had such a profound impact on Gilligan and the rest of the cast, that they took in mind some of the questions the boy asked in regards to the final eight episodes.

"Ultimately, the writers thought about it and I think they found a way to address his question," Bernstein continued. "I don't want to go any further than that because it would be a spoiler. Kevin truly had an impact on the way the story played out in the final eight [episodes]."

Cordasco's family will forever be grateful to the cast and crew of Breaking Bad, and was touched by their tribute to him.

"He's loving and kind," his mom said of the main star Bryan Cranston. "He was just a great guy to Kevin."

The first episode of the second half of season 5, "Blood Money," received the highest ratings the show has ever received.