'Bringing Up Bates' New Season Kicks Off With Surprise Wedding

Bringing Up Bates
The large Bates family, focus of the reality television series "Bringing Up Bates." The program is scheduled to debut on UP TV on New Year's Day 2015. |

The sixth season of "Bringing Up Bates," launched Thursday with a celebration of love as Kelly Jo Bates' mother surprised the entire family with the announcement that she would be getting married for a third time.

The Bates clan, which includes parents Gil and Kelly Jo, 19 children and six grandchildren, is getting bigger. In the most-recent episode of the reality show, Kelly Jo's mother, Betty, reveals that after the death of her second husband, she is ready to walk down the aisle again.

"My stepfather [Bill] had been sick for a very long time and unfortunately, my stepfather passed away and that was a really, really difficult time for my mother," Kelly Jo said during a video confessional for the show. "She just went through a very sad, depressed time. But in the meantime, she met a really wonderful man named Tom, and they surprised all of us and announced that they would be getting married, which was exciting for us because I don't think I've ever seen my mom so happy in a really long time."