Cancer Prevention Made Easy

The number 1 question I'm always asked after speeches or in my seminars is this: "Can I really prevent cancer? "

The answer is YES!!! 95% of all cancer is caused by lifestyle and environment (Source FCA Health and Fitness )

Does this mean you have to move to Tibet, meditate 7 days a week and eat berries and seeds for the rest of your life?...... NO!

For most of us a 2 week sabbatical to Tibet would certainly lower our stress levels, but I for one have about 500 other places I would rather visit for 2 weeks. So let's get really honest, you can prevent cancer living in the "real world" and it's so simple to do. Just like the old "apple a day", very simple but most people don't do it, or worse, they get confused and do the latte a day instead.

Many professionals are trained to dismiss simplicity; it seems common sense is met with tremendous skepticism these days. So before I introduce some simple cancer prevention steps I humbly ask you to open your mind. With that said, I encourage you to test the steps I will be providing over the next few weeks and prove them right.

To prevent cancer effectively we need a basic understanding of why a healthy cell turns cancerous and grows out of control attacking other healthy cells in our body. As we said before 95% of cancer is caused by what we put in and expose our bodies to. Imagine an empty set of scales, like the ones Lady Justice holds in her hands. Now imagine dropping a few feathers on one side of the scale, will anything happen? No. But keep adding feathers everyday throughout your life and something interesting happens known as the tipping point. For example: the lead pencils you had as a kid, that's a few feathers, now add a few more for all the asbestos you absorbed from your old classrooms, now add some more from all the toxic mold you were around before anyone knew it was toxic. Pile on more from all the gasoline fumes and exhaust you have absorbed over the years, now dump a few more feathers from all the red meat and refined foods you have been eating for the last 20+ years. Put a pile on for all the STRESS in your life and radiation from your cell phone. (Let's just assume you never smoked cigarettes or you don't drink alcohol) Eventually, with enough feathers piled on, the scales will tip!

This is how cancer works; the key is to remove as many feathers as possible instead of piling more on,this way you can avoid the tipping point. Rather than looking for the "CURE" to the one feather that triggered everything.