Canmore Flood: Mass Evacuations as Cougar Creek Floods City (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/LatestNewsTVX Screen Shot)Canmore flooding is shown in this footage.

A Canmore flood has sparked panic in the Canadian town as large sections of the region were left underwater, and many properties cut off from roads, according to reports.

The flooding sparked a forced evacuation alert to be made by officials in the area, who also announced an official state of emergency.

Canmore is a town about an hour away from Calgary. Heavy rains have caused the nearby Cougar Creek to overflow, wreaking havoc in the area.

Power outages were announced across the city, and police have called for all people leaving along the Creek to evacuate. Officials have also warned that further evacuations may be necessary in the near future.

The Creek has been described as being completely transformed by the recent rains – it often flowed at a soft trickle, with water being just two inches deep and about 10 feet wide. However, following the rains the Creek has swelled dramatically to about 16 feet deep and 400 feet across, as water flows in from across the region.

The flooding has sparked widespread panic, and the speed in which the water has overflowed has caught many residents unaware. Some motorists have found themselves cut off by the flood waters, and had to be rescued by helicopter.

Town spokesperson Sally Caudill has said, "We had about 20 or so people on the highway … who got stuck … (when) water covered the highway in two places, so we used a helicopter to get those folks out."

The Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 1A to eastbound and westbound traffic at Cougar Creek have also been closed by down by authorities.

"We do not advise travel this way," said Canmore RCMP Const. Jeff Jantz. "Don't come."

Heavy rains have not only affected Canmore, and also in nearby Calgary officials said on Thursday that up to 100,000 residents could be forced to evacuate their homes.

Canmore Mayor John Borrown has also warned: "The situation is actually bad and getting worse. Now some of the smaller creeks are starting to flood."

Here is video footage of the flooding: