'Captain America 3' Plot Details; Directors Aiming to 'Blow People's Minds'

Image courtesy of DisneyCaptain America Winter Soldier Picture

The directors of 'Captain America 3' hope to surprise the audience with the new film by creating a unique plot that will keep them engaged.

Film makers Anthony and Joe Russo, who also worked on the previous movie 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' recently spoke to IGN.com about the sequel and if it will keep the same tone as the 2014 smash.

"From a narrative or tonal standpoint, we don't want to keep delivering the same movie. I know, as a fan, when I go to a film, I prefer to be surprised," said Joe Russo to the publication. "I know, as a fan, when I go to a film, I prefer to be surprised."

The differences between the films need to be significant, according to the director.

"We started working on Cap 3 probably back in February," he continued. "That's been a lot of the process up to this point, divining what elements of the tone are going to carry over from [The Winter Soldier], and how we do something that in effect will blow people's minds."

Joe's brother Anthony also briefly discussed the film's plot in relation to what characters they would choose from the Marvel Universe's extensive rolodex to be in it.

"You're dealing in a publishing universe that has incredible depth to it and an incredible variety, and we love it," said Anthony Russo. "We go swimming in it. We've explored so many different versions of characters and ideas. So it's very much striking that balance of, how far can you push the character, and how far can you stretch the universe that it exists in. And then sort of finding the sweet spot."

Captain America 3 is slated for a 2016 release date. It will follow the second Avengers film which hits theaters early next year.