Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Anthony Fights Gonzalez Over New Finance Disclosure Requests (VIDEO)

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(Image: Reuters/Joe Burbank/Pool)Casey Anthony reacts during testimony at her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida, June 9, 2011.

Casey Anthony is refusing to be questioned on her bankruptcy for a second time by Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyers. A new court filing has confirmed that attorneys for Anthony are fighting against Gonzalez's lawyers attempts to be able to question her on her finances, saying they have already had an opportunity to do so once before.

According to reports, Gonzalez's legal team has asked U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May to be given permission to examine Anthony's finances again. That has caused Anthony's legal team to make a filing demanding the judge refuse their attempts.

At the beginning of March Anthony filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and testified that she had received financial gifts among other things from supporters. However, she did not identify who those supporters were, and also declined to inform the court about who is supporting her on a day to day basis. She did, however, explain that she currently does not have to pay any rent or utility bills thanks for "friends."

Gonzalez's legal team believes that Anthony's disclosure was not sufficient, and is now pushing for them to be able to analyze her finances in more detail.

In response, Anthony's legal team filed their reply on Thursday, insisting that the chance to question Anthony's finances had already gone, and they should have made more of their opportunity at the previous creditors' meeting. They point out that Gonzalez's team was "given ample opportunity and unlimited time to examine" Anthony, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

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(Photo: Reuters/Red Huber/Pool)Casey Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez (L) leave the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida July 17, 2011. Anthony was released from a Florida jail on Sunday to resume the life interrupted three years ago when she was charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Anthony was acquitted by a jury on July 5 of culpability in Caylee's death.

Anthony has been in hiding after the huge public outrage at her being acquitted of murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee, in 2011.

Although she was acquitted on those more serious charges, she was convicted on a number of counts of lying when she made various claims following her daughter's disappearance in 2008.

Anthony was convicted of lying to detectives when she claimed she had left Caylee on or about June 9, 2008, with a nanny named "Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez" in an Orlando apartment. That lie has led Gonzalez to sue Anthony, claiming that her lie significantly damaged her name and reputation.

Anthony was also found to have lied about claiming she was employed at Universal Studios, as well as claiming she had told employees at the Studios that her daughter was missing and that she had even spoken to Caylee on the phone. Anthony's daughter's body was eventually found dumped in the woods in a location near her family home.

Here is a video of Casey Anthony's acquittal of murder charges: