Casey Anthony Bankruptcy: Tot Mom Speaks Out, Shares New Photos (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Facebook: 'Casey Anthony Updates'Casey Anthony and her late daughter Caylee

Casey Anthony broke her silence Friday shortly after filing for bankruptcy, and she spoke about desperately wanting to move forward with her life.

The 26-year-old, who in 2011 was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, reportedly agreed to partake in an unpaid phone interview centered on her bankruptcy. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida, claiming approximately $1,100 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities, according to

"This is the next step towards closure for me," Anthony told CBS 5 in AZ.

Once infamously dubbed "Tot Mom" by media outlets like HLN, Anthony acknowledged that while she is eager to move on from the case, she still faces some obstacles. Anthony is currently facing three pending lawsuits, including one by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez.

Gonzalez filed suit after Anthony told police that a similarly-named nanny had kidnapped Caylee in 2008, although she eventually confessed to lying.

Gonzalez, who was previously interviewed by police due to Anthony's claims, became linked to the case through the media. Anthony could face a civil defamation trial, although her attorneys are trying to have the case dismissed.

"These are the things holding me back," Anthony said. "This is the key for me to move forward."

Anthony also shared photos taken in August, in which she is happily posing with her legal team. In one picture she is confidently posing with one hand on her hip and showing off an ear-to-ear grin, which is a far cry from the distressed demeanor that was present throughout her trial.

"Obviously, I didn't kill my daughter Caylee," Anthony previously told CNN's Piers Morgan before referring to her late child as her "greatest accomplishment."

"If anything, there's nothing in this world l've ever been more proud of, and there's no one I loved more than my daughter," she added.

Anthony claims that after having "gone through hell," she has grown up and is now a different person.

"I don't drink now," Casey said, adding, "I've probably had a handful of beers since I've been on probation. I've never done drugs, apart from a little bit of marijuana in my early 20s." ‬