Thursday, January 05, 2012
Casey Anthony in Video Diary Talks of Computer, Dog, But Nothing About Caylee

Casey Anthony in Video Diary Talks of Computer, Dog, But Nothing About Caylee

Casey Anthony has spoken out for the first time since being acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. In a video diary entry, Anthony discusses her new computer, adopted dog, and future – however, there is no mention of her daughter.

The 25-year-old sported a new look – with short, blonde hair and dark-rimmed glasses – the Oct. 13 log revealed. She told the camera that this was a "different ball game" and that she was "excited for this."

"I'm extremely excited that I'll be able to Skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures, and [that] I have something that I can finally call mine," Anthony shared.

The Florida native went on to explain how now that she paid for the computer it was her own, something that she did not have to give back.

"[Something] that I'll be able to take with me, after I leave here next year," said Anthony. "Its kind of funny to think about actually. You know it's going to be awhile [until] I leave. I’ll be here for many, many months more."

Anthony, currently living in an undisclosed location, revealed that the new computer and video blog was an opportunity to talk to someone other than her new pet.

"This has just been such a blessing in so many ways and now I, in some ways, have someone to talk to when I'm by myself so I'm not bothering the poor dog who I've adopted and I love and he's as much my dog as any of the other pets I've ever had," she said.

However, there was no mention of Caylee Anthony in the 4 ½ minute video. Anthony briefly alluded to the July 5, 2011, "not guilty" verdict, but nothing was said about her daughter's murder case.

"Just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven’t changed. But the good thing is that things are starting to look up and things are starting to change…in a good way," she told the camera.

Anthony pointed out that she could only "hope that things stay good" and that she would be making many more video logs. However, being on camera was "scary."

"It's been scary because I hate being on camera but I don't know [I] need to concur that fear at some point and this is a good start. This is just the beginning," she said.

The YouTube clip of Anthony's video diary can be seen below. NBC has confirmed that it is indeed the Florida mom on the camera.

Casey Anthony recently won the right to invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer questions regarding the death of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. Anthony is currently appealing convictions related to her daughter’s murder.

Anthony has appealed four charges of false testimony to detectives working on Caylee’s case. One of the convictions was for claiming that a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez had kidnapped Caylee, which was untrue.

The 25-year-old had also invoked her Fifth Amendment rights during a video deposition, regarding the 'Zanny the Nanny'" defamation case, in October.

Gonzalez is suing Anthony for allegedly ruining her reputation when she told police, investigating the disappearance of her 2-year-old daughter, that a nanny named "Zenaida" had kidnapped Caylee in 2008.

Casey Anthony clung to the lie for three years, before her lawyer told the court at her murder trial that the nanny never existed.

Texas EquuSearch has also sued Anthony for damages accrued during the search for Caylee, Reuters reported. Additionally, so has Roy Kronk, the former meter reader who found the 2-year-old’s remains. Kronk claimed that Anthony’s lawyers spread suspicion about his involvement in Caylee’s disappearance and death, thus defaming his name.

Casey Anthony is currently serving probation for check fraud charges in an unrelated case at an undisclosed location in Florida.

In September, Orange County Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over Anthony’s murder trial, ruled that she had to repay $217,000 in costs related to the investigation and disappearance of Caylee.


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