Casey Anthony Jury Foreman Admits Father's Testimony was 'Suspect'

Jury foreman number 11 in the Casey Anthony trial, a trained expert in “reading people,” has admitted that the testimony of Casey’s father was very suspect.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Reporter, Greta Van Susteren, jury member 11 opens up about his thoughts about the Anthony trial.

“When I had to sign off on the verdicts, the sheet that was given to me, there was a feeling of disgust that come across me, knowing that my signature and hers were going to be there, on the same sheet,” said the jury foreman.

The foreman also states that although “he didn’t believe attorney Jose Baez’s allegations that George Anthony had molested his daughter, there were other unsettling details about Anthony.

“He had a very selective memory for me and that in itself was something I always kept in the back of my mind,” said the foreman during the interview.

But, the suspicion about George Anthony’s testimony seems to be shared among the other jurors, according to an article written by a Daily Mail reporter: “Jurors believed George Anthony could have been covering up a crime or even be a killer himself.”

The Anthony trial has caused several heated debates across the U.S. and even celebrities are speaking out against the verdict.

“CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!! I am speechless,” tweeted Kim Kardashian.

Actress Aubrey O’Day tweeted, “Either the law is corrupt, or we give too much power to the people entrusted with interpreting and applying the law. It’s a sad day 4 justice.”

Although Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, she was sentenced to time in prison for lying during her testimony.

Anthony was given credit for the jail time that she has already served and was given an initial release date of July 14th. However, due to a slight miscalculation Anthony will be detained until July 17th.

At present there is no word on what the 25-year-old plans to do after she is released.