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Casey Anthony Mother Cindy Says 'Acquittal a Sign From God'

Cindy Anthony has revealed that she believes her daughter Casey had something to do with her 2-year-old granddaughter’s secret burial, but that she took Casey’s acquittal as a sign from God that the death was an “accident."

“I believe that justice for Caylee was when her mother walked. I believe that in all my heart,” Mrs. Anthony said while on “The Dr. Phil Show.”

Despite her daughter’s acquittal during the murder trial, Casey Anthony has been widely scorned by the public. The case captured the attention of the nation and the verdict resulted in an outcry, with people venting their furious reactions on social media, radio, and television.

Mrs. Anthony said she prayed nightly over the past three years that if Casey was somehow responsible for Caylee’s death, that she would spend time in jail.

“When that verdict came in and Casey was not found guilty, I got my answer,” said Mrs. Anthony. “I’m not gonna be her judge and jury. God is her judge and He set her free.”

Caylee Anthony’s body was discovered in December of 2008 just outside of Orlando, Florida, in the woods less than a mile from the Anthony home.

Casey’s father, George Anthony, claimed during the two-part interview that his daughter or someone with her had drugged his granddaughter Caylee, causing her death.

“I believe that Casey or someone else that she was with, possibly gave too much to Caylee, she fell asleep and didn’t wake up,” George Anthony said.

“That’s what I feel,” Anthony told Dr. Phil McGraw, host of the CBS show.

Their interview was aired Wednesday, and Mr. Anthony’s admissions shocked the nation as well as his wife Cindy.

Mrs. Anthony said that she had never “heard that out of his mouth” before. She then shared a different explanation for the death of their granddaughter, saying she believes it was due to drowning.

During the interview with Dr. Phil, the television psychologist asked Mr. Anthony why his daughter Casey may have used sedatives on their granddaughter.

“To go out and have a good time, to be with friends, to have this life that she didn’t have with Caylee,” replied Anthony. He speculated that drugs such as Xanax may have been used on the toddler.

Anthony also divulged that the loss of his granddaughter has been very hard on him, and had nearly pushed him to suicide.

Casey Anthony was found guilty of misdemeanor charges for lying to detectives during the investigation of Caylee’s death, after the jury had acquitted her of the murder charge.

Currently, Anthony is in Florida serving a year of probation for a separate conviction of check fraud. Authorities are keeping her location confidential for her safety.

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