Cell Phone Saves Man's Life: 'Miracle' as Convenience Store Clerk's Mobile Stops Robber's Bullet

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(Photo: Handout)A cell phone is being credited for saving a man's life after a bullet struck it, rather than a man's stomach, after he was shot on October 28

A cell phone is being praised by police for saving a Florida man's life after he was shot early Monday morning. A convenience store robber held up the Hess gas station in Winter Garden, Florida, at 4:30 a.m. and demanded that the clerk open the safe.

After the clerk subsequently tried and failed to open the safe, a second clerk walked into the store and was also unable to open it. As the suspect left, he fired his gun once directly at the clerk's stomach. However, amazingly the bullet was stopped by the clerk's cell phone, described Winter Garden police.

"It's a miracle he's able to be with us today because technically that round could have been life threatening," Lt. Scott Allen with Winter Garden Police told Bay News 9.

Indeed, the man did not know immediately that he had even been shot until his chest began hurting.

"They were there for a while before they even realized that he had been shot. He had complained about having some chest pains and when they started looking in deeper, they realized his phone had a bullet lodged in it and it was damaged from it," said Allen.

The clerk has suffered only minor injuries from the shooting. Police are still looking for the suspect.