Cheryl Burke 'Bachelorette' Next Season? Star Begs for Role

Rumors have surfaced that Cheryl Burke may be considered as ABC's next "Bachelorette." Reports are mixed, however, on which side is pulling for the connection to happen.

The "Dancing With the Stars" professional dancer has allegedly been linked to talks of who ABC's next "Bachelorette" will be. The reports began this week, when one source stated that ABC felt Burke would be perfect for the part.

"Cheryl has been in talks with producers to be the next Bachelorette and they think she'd be a really good choice," a source close to the show said according to Radar Online. "She has a huge fan base, she's great ontelevision and they definitely think people would want to watch her find true love on TV."

A second source also confirmed to ABC News that Burke had been in talks with ABC in regards to appearing on a different reality show outside of "Dancing With the Stars." However, the source also added that while her appearing on the "Bachelorette" had been mentioned, the star was not currently in talks with producers about appearing on the show.

It may also be Burke who is interested in appearing on the reality series, and not ABC who is interested in Burke for the part. A third source stated that Burke was desperate for the part.

"Never gonna happen! Never!" a "rock-solid source" told ABC. The source added that Burke had been "begging to do the show" and not the other way around. But ABC fears that allowing an already-popular reality star to appear on the "Bachelorette" will take away from casting a more "real person."

Burke has been a staple on "Dancing With the Stars" since the show first began. If she took a year off, it would be her first time not appearing.