Chris Brown Selling Pitt Bull Terriers Online; Launching Toy Line

Chris Brown is selling at least half a dozen puppies online in a bid to find them good homes after they were born to dogs he keeps at his family home in Virginia.

The 2-month-old American pit bull terrier puppies are being sold for $1,000 a pop, which covers registration, current vaccinations, a veterinarian examination, health guarantee, and four generation performance pedigree, according to the website

On Sunday, Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, tweeted a link to the website and his representative, Maureen O'Connor, confirmed to the Associate Press that the website is legitimate and that Brown is in fact selling the puppies.

O'Connor did also clarify that selling puppies is not a new business venture and simply an attempt to find good owners for the pit bulls.

The male and female puppies have already been named by the 23-year-old "animal lover," and feature names like Precious, Pretty, Music and Jett.

The "Turn Up The Music" singer recently announced that he is teaming with a street artist known as Ron English in order to create a limited edition line of collectible toys and art sculptures, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Hands down right now my guy is Ron English. Ron has to be the more creative, 'out there' artist I see. His work is so precise but at the same time so unorthodox. I think it's incredible to be able to see him do what he does and be a fan," Brown wrote in a statement to Pop & Hiss, an affiliate blog of The L.A. Times.

The limited line of 1,000 toys will be called 'Dum English' and will officially launch in L.A. on May 2.

All proceeds from the toy sales will go directly to Brown's Symphonic Love foundation, which was established to fund various arts programs which are dedicated to women and the artistic development of children.