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Christian apologists tackle questions on sex, climate change and LGBT sin

Christian apologists tackle questions on sex, climate change and LGBT sin

How to talk about LGBT issues without sounding judgmental

New York City gay pride parade crowd in this undated photo. | REUTERS/Joshua Lott

Near the end of the panel segment, one attendee asked how they should talk about their views on LGBT issues to classmates “without sounding unloving or judgmental.”

Jackson responded that it was important to recognize that it was “not biblical” to consider homosexuality to be the “worst possible thing” or the “end-all, be-all sin.”

“When we are engaging with these things, I think our humility to recognize that people in that community aren’t any worse off in God’s eyes than we are allows us to start on a really appropriate level,” Jackson said.

She added that “dialogue within this community means being open to answering questions and being open primarily to being a loving friend to whoever is in that community.”

Bennett, a Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction, drew a comparison between the LGBT community and the eunuchs mentioned in the Bible, namely Acts 8 and Isaiah 56.

“God is radically inclusive, but also retained the truth. It says in that Isaiah 56 verse ‘to the eunuchs who obey my commands and live according to my ways and Sabbaths, I will give this eternal name,’” he said.

“It doesn’t compromise the truth that God created male and female in the beginning, it’s very good. But he does radically include the sexual minorities that are known about in this Israelite world, namely eunuchs.” 

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