Christian Genocide Warning Issued for Middle East

Christian Genocide Warning Issued for Middle East

Christian Solidarity International issued a genocide warning for religious minorities in the Islamic Middle East, and they called on President Obama to make their safety a top priority as the United States continues to respond to the Arab Spring uprisings.

Dr. John Eibner, CEO of Christian Solidarity International, said: "Conditions for genocide against non-Muslim communities exist in varying degrees throughout the region stretching from Pakistan to Morocco. The crisis of survival for non-Muslim communities is especially acute in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, the Palestinian territories, Iran and Pakistan."

In an interview with The Christian Post, Dr. Eibner said the Arab Spring has “unleashed radical Islamist forces - forces that regard Christians and other non-Muslim minorities as 'kufar' (infidels). When we look objectively at the situation in the region…the outbreak of war in the region could result in the very quick eradication of non-Muslim communities.”

He referenced the commitment the President made in his May 19 speech on events in the Middle East to establish universal human rights, including religious freedom.

In the speech, President Obama said, “Our support for these principles is not a secondary interest. Today I want to make it clear that it is a top priority that must be translated into concrete actions, and supported by all the diplomatic, economic and strategic tools at our disposal.”

Dr. Eibner concluded his letter to the President stating: "Millions of lives and the future of a religiously pluralistic civilization in the Middle East are at stake."

He also requested that the following measures be met, such as an appeal to the United Nations Secretary General for the issuance of a Genocide Warning and implementation of preventive measures on the basis of Security Council Resolution 1366. In addition, the commitment of at least 15 percent of U.S. funding pledged for the support of democratic transition in the region to be devoted to combating Islamic supremacies. Moreover, to pledge to withhold U.S. funding for institutions that promote religious discrimination.

In his letter to President Obama, Mr. Eibner said that those who perpetuate religious violence represent “both state and non-state actors, many of whom are military allies of the United States. They are all inspired by a deep seated culture of Islamic supremacism, kindred in spirit to white supremacism and anti-Semitism.”

There is petition to President Obama asking him to announce a policy for the prevention of violence against Christians. Christian Solidarity International is encouraging everyone to sign.

“If American Christians show in sufficient numbers that they care enough to sign the petition, our political leadership will be more inclined to take steps to prevent religious cleansing,” Dr. Eibner told CP

The petition can be found at


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