Christian Praise Band Mosaic: 5 Songwriters Melt, Unite as One in Christ

Nashville's Mosaic is making the most of freedom through Christ.

In an interview with The Christian Post, the group's guitarist/backing vocalist Jonathan Taylor Martin reveals that Mosaic began as a temporary musical ministry. The five membered band came together in 2009 at Nashville's Belmont University. They're now touring behind this year's Teach Us album and spreading the word that sin has lost the battle with Jesus.

CP: How did your band settle on the name of Mosaic?

Martin: I think the biggest reason we picked the name Mosaic is that we were originally five separate songwriters who had different styles. Our band became sort of a melting pot of genres and influences.

Another reason is that we came from different states and denominational backgrounds. We thus like our name as it shows the unity of the body of Christ. He brings everyone into his love. It's been a cool name for us.

CP: Mosaic is based in Nashville, a place famed for its country and gospel music. How does Mosaic fit into that culture and history?

Martin: It's funny as none of us are really into southern gospel but we're a big vocal group that uses a lot of harmonies just like that style. We also like a lot of folk music.

Both genres have played an influence on us, though we don't really have a part of those scenes.

CP: You're married to another Mosaic member, vocalist Emily Martin. How is it playing music with your wife?

Martin: It's been awesome. We've had such an adventure making music together and traveling around the country. Strangely enough, two of our other band members, Patrick and Molly Lockwood, are married to one another as well. Overall, it's a neat and special thing we all get to do this together.

CP: You keep a blog and seem to enjoy writing. How does it affect your music?

Martin: I love to write on things that God is teaching me about his Word. I think that connects to our music as we aim to share God's Word through our sound. I always try to blog about our music writing and share with people what I've learned. I really enjoy getting to express what God is doing in my heart.

CP: You recently released your first music video for "Live in Victory." What was it like filming your first music video?

Martin: It wasn't something we originally had on our radar, but it turned out fun and exciting.

Patrick's sister lives in Los Angeles and went to school for filmmaking. When she heard our first album, she wanted us to come out there and make a video, All the pieces eventually fell into place. It was a great experience and a creative way of giving new life to the song.

CP: What is the significance of "Live in Victory" to you?

Martin: It's been a big song for us. The message behind it is that whenever we are saved Christ offers us his spirit and because of that we can live in victory. We don't have to be oppressed by sin in our lives and slaves to it. We can enjoy our freedom in being made new by God. It's been a powerful song in our lives.

CP: What can you say about your last album Teach Us?

Martin: With that album God solidified our mission and purpose of sharing his word through music. We want people to hear it and mediate on it. We love how music can connect our feelings and emotions to our thoughts. We hope it is an album that gets people thinking about Scripture and God's Holy Spirit teaching us.

CP: How important is sharing the Gospel to you?

Martin: It is part of our joy sharing what we have been given. Our joy in Christ isn't complete until we can bring it to others.

When you find the light you don't want to leave people in the dark. Showing it to them is even better than finding it on your own.

CP: What do you enjoy about being a Christian?

Martin: I like having joy, peace and self-control in times both good and bad through walking with Jesus. It's a constant anchor bubbling beneath the surface of my life. I love having that trust in Christ.

CP: What's on the horizon for Mosaic?

Martin: We never expected Mosaic to be a full-time ministry and we've been walking on faith ever since we started. We'd love to continue touring and to make a new album if God allows it. Hopefully our music is heard by more people.

So far we've learned about what it means trusting God. At times touring with a group can seem more glamorous than it does in reality. Overall, though, I know being in Mosaic has done so much for my heart. We've learned to love each other as a group and help each other every step of our journey. That's been the most rewarding part.