Christian rocker releasing new album after going undercover to rescue victims in sex trade

David Zach
David Zach undercover with Exodus Road to help rescue people in the sex gtrade |

Christian rock frontman David Zach of the band Remedy Drive is gearing up to release the band’s third album that's being sold to counter the human-trafficking industry.

Zach has been working to free victims ensnared in sex-slavery for seven years and is using the band's music to “shine a light on injustice and to rally a hopeful community under the banner of freedom,” the band's Kickstarters page reveals.

His band Remedy Drive raised over $37,800 this week for their third project that's being backed by more than 300 people who also want to raise awareness about human trafficking. 

“I just got home from a 10-day trip overseas helping to spy on an international trafficking ring,” Zach told The Christian Post on Thursday.

David Zach and Exodus Road
David Zach and Matt Parker holding technology The Exodus Road uses in cyber forensics work. |

Over the past six years, Zach has spent much of his time undercover in brothels and red-light districts searching for evidence of sex trafficking. Zach also teamed up with Matt Parker, founder of the anti-human trafficking organization The Exodus Road, and together they use covert gear to capture evidence of human trafficking.

The men were able to share their findings with authorities who then raided the brothels and trafficking locations. The work of The Exodus Road has led to 1,355 rescues and 660 arrests to date. In total, The Exodus Road has 69 operatives working in four countries.

“I’m going to continue to go overseas to join our teams in rescue operations, making music to help fund rescue operations, buying T-shirts and merchandise to help fund restoration of survivors, and posting podcasts to tell the stories of brave women and men doing front line work,” he said.

Along with the release of their past albums that benefit organizations that fight against modern-day slavery, their merchandise is also made by organizations that rehabilitate trafficking survivors.

On their fundraising page, Zach said he and his family have seen firsthand the band’s lyrics sewn on shirts worn by trafficking survivors that were distributed to them by organizations committed to rehabilitating victims. Some of the merchandise created and assembled by these people who have been through so much are boho pants, elephant pants, kimonos, bracelets, necklaces, purses and elephant neck pillows. 

“All of this [is being done] with the goal of multiplying our melodies in recruiting a growing community to stand for justice, mercy and compassion,” Zach told CP.

Remedy Drive doesn't have a major label backing them nor do they take money from their work with The Exodus Road, so fan support is how they're able to create new music and pursue their advocacy work.

To learn more about the cause or to pre-order the new album or purchase a gift made by a trafficking survivor, visit

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