Monday, July 15, 2013
Christians and Muslims Come Together to Share Ramadan Meal in Egypt

Christians and Muslims Come Together to Share Ramadan Meal in Egypt

Christian and Muslim Egyptians gathered together in Tahrir Square last week to celebrate the first Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The location was used by opponents of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi for demonstrations against him. He was thrown out of office back on July 3 by the army after a series of mass protests and public outcry. This place was also vital during the removal of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

The square was flooded by people of both faiths on a day where Muslim supporters of Morsi had been holding large demonstrations in public squares located in several other cities.

I wish [fellow countrymen] good health for a thousand years, and may they be well every year," said Christian Fareg Girgis Abdul-Masih in a Reuters report. "And we are brothers, and may God continue to give us peace, and may we be brothers, not like the Muslim Brotherhood, no, truly bothers- Muslims, Christians, all of us united."

An Imam preached a sermon in the Square on Friday that encouraged unity among the citizens of Egypt.

"This iftar (fast-breaking meal) is a national unity meal, in order for us to say that Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, make up one square and one nation. And this is an iftar to honor the blood of the martyrs and we are demanding justice for them on this Friday," said Mohammed Abdullah Nasser.

Mursi demonstrators struggled to make their point across others areas in Cairo demanding the reinstatement of a man who only served in the office for one year. Other citizens believe the protests that began on June 30 to kick him out of office were the beginning of Egypt's much needed rebirth after the President failed to rule the country in an effective and just manner.

"Today, after June 30, we have regained everything. And thank God, Egypt has returned ten times stronger than it was before," said Ashraf Hasan Ali.

Morsi has been criticized for his anti-democratic rule which further divided a country that already faced political turmoil and economic crisis.


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