Columbine Survivor Foreclosure: After Surviving 8 Bullets, Now May Lose Home

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(Photo: AP / Bebeto Matthews, File)Unidentified students embrace each other at a makeshift memorial for their slain classmates at Columbine High School on a hilltop overlooking the school in Littleton, Colo., in this April 24, 1999, file photo. Twelve students and a teacher were killed in a murderous rampage at the school on April 20, 1999, by two students who killed themselves in the aftermath.

A Columbine survivor, who amazingly survived after being shot eight times, is facing foreclosure in Southern California, according to reports out this week.

Richard Castaldo, who survived the Columbine High School shooting 13 years ago, has reported that he is now struggling to keep his home and is under the threat of foreclosure.

He reportedly has moved on with his life and had been pursuing a career in the music industry, which led him to purchase a condominium in Hollywood nearly six years ago.

However, the economic downturn has hit him hard, like millions of others across the United States, and like many of them he is struggling to keep his head above the water financially.

According to MSNBC Castaldo has said, "I feel kind of stupid, honestly, because I should have known better. I kind of bought into the notion that of course the condo was going to go up in value, which, of course, obviously it hasn't."

He has been unable to keep up with his mortgage repayments and his debt has been spiraling out of control this year, according to reports. He became behind with his payments back in February and has been unable to catch back up again.

Castaldo has not been too proud to ask for help, however, and he has admitted reaching out to numerous organizations for help, but he has said that most wanted money up front from him, which obviously he does not have.

However, it now appears as though there is a group moving to help the Columbine survivor keep his home. Occupy Los Angeles has focused much of its efforts in recent months in helping hard-up residents in local areas keep their homes, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Due to his debts, Castaldo's property is scheduled to be put up for auction in December, meaning there are just days for the Occupy movement to find a way to help him.

Castaldo has recently met with a lawyer in an effort to find ways in which he can successfully keep his home.

It remains to be seen whether the eight-bullet survivor and the Occupy movement will be successful in being able to keep his home, but speaking about the Occupy LA movement, the Columbine survivor has said, "I feel like they're really the only group that doesn't have an ulterior motive. It's nerve racking for sure."