Conrad Murray Gets Maximum Sentence For Michael Jackson Death

Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday and the judge has thrown the book at him, calling Murray a “danger” to the community.

In an unsympathetic and long statement, Judge Michael Pastor refused to give Murray probation and instead ordered the maximum sentence under the law, which is 4 years.

The judge explained his decision saying that Murray's former patient, Michael Jackson, “died because of a totality of circumstances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray,” CNN reported.

He also referred to interviews that Murray did during the trial. "In each of these interviews, the defendant has very clearly stated that he bears no responsibility for Michael Jackson's death," said Judge Pastor.

Fans of the late King of Pop immediately took to Twitter and Facebook to share their divided thoughts.

One user wrote, “Justice has been served, Murray was an enabler and forgot his medical oath.”

Another tweeted, “4 years?? MJ was an addict people, stop blaming this poor Doctor!!”

Although there is a solid chance that Murray could serve less time due to overcrowding, many question the judge’s decision to refuse probation calling the 58-year-old a "threat."

Murray was convicted of what is said to be an “involuntary” and “non-violent” crime, which his defense lawyers argued should never have been investigated by law enforcement but rather reviewed by a medical panel.

Prosecutors argued that Murray recklessly injected Michael Jackson with the final dose of Propofol and ultimately killed the father of three, who claimed he needed the drug to help him sleep.

Murray had denied the allegations and his defense team counter-argued that it was actually Jackson who injected himself with the lethal dose that resulted in his death. Murray even painted Jackson as an addict.

In the end, jurors were swayed by prosecutors and found Murray guilty, resulting in a triumph for Jackson’s family who have insisted from the beginning that Murray was at fault.

Critics argued that Murray has been used as a scapegoat, claiming fans of the troubled singer simply refuse to accept that their idol had an undeniable addiction that ultimately took his life.

Murray's appeal is already underway.