Conrad Murray Trial: Michael Jackson Was Healthy Before Death, Says Trainer

Michael Jackson was in good physical health up to two weeks before he died, according to his personal trainer Lou Ferrigno.

Ferrigno, former star of the television show “The Incredible Hulk,” was training Jackson two to three times per week for his tour and said he was friends with the singer for decades, according to TMZ.

Ferrigno and his wife, Carla, were saddened after hearing about Jackson’s untimely death.

"He was so great and we all loved him. Lou can't even form words right now -- he's in total shock ... he thought he was going to be training Michael tomorrow,” Carla told TMZ when reports first surfaced about Jackson’s death. “He was planning on flying back to Los Angeles to do it. He's very shocked right now. Michael was so cute and sweet -- he didn't deserve this."

Lou confirmed to TMZ that Jackson had no issues completing his workouts during home training sessions. The trainer watched the entertainer complete cardio work on a treadmill, work on an exercise ball, use light weights and do other core exercises that included stretching.

Although Ferrigno said that Jackson seemed in good physical condition, he questioned the pop star’s emotional condition, calling him “very stressed out.” TMZ reports that the singer told the trainer he had issues sleeping.

This confirms the reports of the Conrad Murray defense, who is trying to prove that Jackson was an insomniac who was addicted to drugs that helped him sleep. Ferrigno’s statement also fails to match up with that of Kenny Ortega, friend and choreographer to Jackson.

In a court testimony, Ortega said he believed Jackson needed a psychological evaluation. He maintained that the entertainer was not in the best physical shape and had issues during tour rehearsal.

TMZ reports that Ortega spoke about Jackson missing some rehearsals in June, being “incoherent,” but was “very excited” about the show. Day two of the court proceedings for the involuntary manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray took place on Tuesday.