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Conservatives Outraged by Liberal Agendas in Kids' Movies

Conservatives Outraged by Liberal Agendas in Kids' Movies

Conservatives have targeted popular children’s movies like “Happy Feet” for promoting and spreading liberal agendas to kids.

Many speculate that the real story behind "Happy Feet" and its sequel, is global warming and the effect it has on the Earth, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is believed that the movie would aim to spread relevance of this view because only 47 percent of people believe in Global Warming.

George Miller, the director of the films, admitted he reworked the script in the first movie to express and broadcast a bigger environmental theme. Now in the second movie, "Happy Feet Two," he is accused of playing it up so much it is almost liberal propaganda.

“Well played, lefties: This is Kiddie Karl Marx,” said the New York Post's Kyle Smith. He also described the movie as promoting feminism, collectivism, bailouts, vegetarianism, same sex marriages, and even alludes to Occupy Wall Street.

“Films geared toward children contain left-leaning perspectives on the environment, big business and morality,” said author and communications professor at Grand View College in Iowa, Stephen Winzenburg. He told the Hollywood Reporter, “Tolerance of others is taught as the highest form of morality, while absolute right and wrong is ignored.”

Pixar's John Lasseter told that the "bad guy" in "Cars 2" is the oil industry. “We conservatives and believers in free markets are accused of being paranoid when we say the Hollywood industry is trying to indoctrinate our children with left-wing propaganda. But now movie directors and producers are coming out and admitting what they’re doing. I’m just glad I found this out before I allowed my kids to persuade me to take them to see the movie Cars 2," said the site's blogger.

Another example of painting liberal fears of oil domination is the new Muppets movie. In the film the villain is yet again a greedy tycoon.

"If any kiddie franchise can yank audiences back in time, it's the new, improved Muppets," wrote Christian Toto of Human Events.

Iris Somberg of conservative group Newsbusters, wrote: "Yes, it's a Muppet movie -- farcical and silly. But how sadly predictable that the villain is the perennial bogeyman of liberal environmentalists, and how sadly telling that the writers politicized a children's movie. Again."


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