CP World Report: Bulgaria Bus Attack, Hotel Pornography, Syria Suicide Bombing, Kenya

The attack on a tour bus carrying Israeli youth in a Bulgarian resort, was carried out by a suicide bomber carrying a fake American passport, said the Bulgarian Interior Minister. No group behind it has claimed responsibility. 7 people—6 of them Israeli were killed and at least 32 wounded. The attack coincided with the 18th anniversary of the bombing of a Jewish community centre in Argentina that killed 85 people. After the attack Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared it the work of terrorists….

The head of the opposition Syrian National Council has said the suicide bombing that killed three of al-Assad's top military officials yesterday will speed the end of the uprising against him. The bomb killed Assad's powerful brother-in-law,Deputy Defense minister Assef Shawkat, and the Syrian Defense minister,Dawoud Rajha, who was the highest Christian government official, and top military general. His death resonates with Syria's minority Christian population, about 10 per cent and they have generally stood by the regime. They fear that Syria will become another Iraq, with Christians caught in the crossfire between rival Muslim groups. The brazen attack at the National Security building in Damascus has brought the battle to the heart of Assad's powerbase.

An alarming report by the Senate Budget Committee: more Americans went on disability than found jobs over the last three months. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions, who is the ranking Republican on the budget panel, said the figures raise concern about the health of the economy as well as the disability insurance program itself. The program has already been running a deficit since 2009.

You're looking at video of a protest in the streets of Jerusalem. But look closely, it's thousands of children. And some of them are wearing handcuffs. The banners read "we shall not join the army of the enemy." These are Ultra-Orthodox Jews -- joining the protest against government efforts to revise the law on military conscription. The change could end a long-standing exemption for the Ultra-Orthodox community and force them to serve in the army.

This issue is so serious that it has caused Israel's unity government a major setback. The coalition partner "Kadima" party has quit. It's members want the country's ultra orthodox Jews to share the burden of compulsory military service. But that's not a step prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party was willing to take. Kadima's chairman announced the move Tuesday.

Hundreds of Muslims ,Christians and government officials in Kenya held a special joint prayer meeting in Mombasa to pray for peace and to preach about it; and also to condemn the terrorist attacks that have been targeting churches in the country. The meeting brought together Pastors, Sheiks and Imams. The latest attack was in Garissa at the start of July ,when two churches were bombed, right after the killing of an aid worker; and the kidnapping of four people at a refugee camp. That attack on the church in Garissa killed over a dozen people and seriously injured another 66 . Somalia's militia group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the Church attacks.

A Christian and Muslim scholar are finding common ground and a common cause...ridding hotels of pornography.

After a dramatic and time-consuming process, Audio Scripture Ministries is embarking on its largest distribution of audio Scripture players in Mozambique in seven years. The company says that Mozambique is experiencing growth like never before. Some of these audio players will be going to groups that have no copies of the bible, so these audio scriptures will serve as their first-ever exposure to the Gospel.