CP World Report: Empire State Building Shooting, Syria, Neil Armstrong, Palestinian Authority

The 9 pedestrians that suffered bullet or fragment wounds on Friday near the Empire state Building, were all injured by a hail of police gunfire….. in reponse to a disgruntled former apparel designer…. wielding a 45 caliber pistol. 58 year old Jeffrey Johnson had just reportedly killed a former co-worker. He was reportedly laid off from work as a designer of women's accessories at Hazan Import Company last year. Police identified the slain co-worker as Steven Ercolino who had apparently filed a prior complaint against his assailant, claiming that he thought Johnson would eventually try to kill him.One officer shot nine rounds and another….seven.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' accused Israeli forces of trying to "rob Muslims and Christians of their holy shrines" and that Jerusalem would….. quote…. " forever be Arabic, Islamic and Christian." The Orthodox Union in New York City called the Palestinian president's remarks "outrageous" for denying Jewish ties. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared the rabbi's sentiment, saying he was "disappointed" to hear Abbas "also echo outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the Temple Mount. The Palestinian authority does not recognize Israel's right to exist

Syria's Vice President Farouk Al-Sharaa has made his first public appearance in weeks, ending rumors that he defected. Al-Sharaa was last seen at the funeral of four top Syrian government officials…..killed in a blast in Damascus ….. July 18. Speculation circulated that he defected to Jordan , which would be a blow to the al- Assad's regime.

AND…..Syrian first lady--Asma Al-Assad---used to be very outspoken on human rights issues. She had a lot say about Israel's vigorous response to months of Palestinian rocket attacks. But now in the face of the opposition uprising in her own country, Asma has remained mostly silent throughout 18 months of strife and violence….that has left over 17-thousand dead. Her own parents came from the battered city of Homs. Here's a look back at her day of human rights activism long gone…..

There has been a rising pattern of hostility toward Christians in America over the past decade. This is the finding of a new report by the Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute . The 140-page report entitled: "Survey of Religious Hostility in America, gave over 600 examples…. characterized as religious animosity shown by judges, government bureaucrats, schools and secular groups. From ObamaCare mandates that force religious entities to pay for abortion and contraception, to children being punished for uttering prayers in school,the report's findings shocked even those who commissioned it.

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has published a report warning the American government that it should not be ignorant of the terror threat growing in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world. Jemaah Islamiyah is the largest terrorist group in South East Asia linked to Al-Qaida .Currently there is massive economic growth in the region, likely to affect U.S. foreign policy soon. Because of this, the World Evangelical Alliance notes that the U.S. may feel hesitant to upset officials in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, because it's directly competing with China over economic opportunities. But the Alliance says that should be no excuse to undermine the seriousness of the threat of growing extremism.

The global hero that made one giant leap for mankind has died at 82. Neil Armstrong , the first man on the moon suffered complications from cardiovascular procedures. Armstrong commanded Apollo 11 that landed on the moon July 20, 1969. In all, 12 American astronauts walked on the moon between 1969 and the last moon mission in 1972.