CP World Report: Israel, Trayvon Martin, North Korea, Miss Universe

With Rick Santorum's decision to drop out of the Presidential race, Mitt Romney is the logical candidate for nomination, but the fight isn't over for that spot, and lots of questions are being raised on who or when Santorum will endorse one of the remaining candidates. Well Former governor of Minnesota who was also a GOP candidate --Tim Pawlenty---makes a case for Santorum to back Mitt Romney….

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is guest speaker at a Conference in New York city next month to emphasize the importance of Jerusalem for people of all faiths. Called the "Jerusalem Prayer Banquet," it was organized by the global mission "Eagles Wings". It's executive Director Robert Stearns stated the ultimate goal of the May 17th conference is to tell people to pray exactly the way Scripture instructs – for the peace of Jerusalem and the world.

In a case that set off an American wide furious debate over racism, Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman has a white father, and Hispanic mother. Calls for his arrest were echoed nationwide from a chorus of black leaders. The case went all the way to the White House . Trayvon's parents expressed relief about charges, but called for peace and calm.

An Egyptian court has suspended the 100-person panel elected to draft Egypt's new constitution. This was after receiving complaints from constitutional experts, political groups, and secular politicians concerning the unfair weight of the panel. The panel consists of a 60 percent Islamist majority, and the suspension by the court is seen as a blow their efforts in influencing the constitution based on Shariah law.

As North Korea prepares to celebrate the 100th birthday of late leader Kim il-Sung this weekend, the international Christian ministry Open Doors serving persecuted believers, is calling for a Global day of prayer this Sunday for those suffering in that country, where leaders are worshipped like God. Open Doors identified North Korea earlier this year as the worst persecutor of Christians in its 2012 World Watch-List. No laws exist to allow the building of churches nor worship at home; and even owning a Bible is a capital offense punishable by death. Christians are considered spies of the West. And anyone trying to escape the country is hunted down and executed or jailed for life.

A five-year-old boy showed up at this school with his step dad's jacket for show and tell, and was it ever a show. He pulled out 50 bags of heroin! The shocked teacher quickly removed the drugs. The 35-year-old step father--Santos Roman - later showed up at the school, frantically searching for his jacket. He found it empty in the classroom, where he was greeted by the police, and charged.


For the first time, The Miss Universe Pageant competition has changed its rules to allow transgendered contestants, starting next year. The rule change comes after a Vancouver contestant challenged her disqualification from the Miss Canada pageant. The decision was the result of on-going discussions with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

In less than a year, "Faith Comes By Hearing" Bible App has introduced Scriptures in 542 languages into a single application compatible with smart phones, androids, iPads and more. This app is moving so fast that it has more than doubled the languages offered on it… in the last month alone. It's also passing every obstacle and opening the world to the Bible, where there is a staggering 5 billion cell phone subscribers globally. In places that restrict missionaries, this bible app is getting through because it is technological.

The Duggars might soon be known for more than their large family and their TLC show "19 Kids & Counting". The family has been helping in Bible translation and video game development. One of America's most popular conservative Christian families has partnered with The Seed Company, which has made claims to be the most rapidly growing Bible translation organisation in the world.