CP World Report: Mark Driscoll, Anglican Church, Abortion, Apple

Canada's Finance Minister Jim Flaherty handed down the awaited Federal budget. As expected it contained some austerity measures to cut the deficit by 8.5 billion dollars over the next 3 years. A few highlights: 19,200 federal jobs will be cut or 4.5 percent of the federal workforce. Eligibility for Old age security will move from 65 to 67 beginning gradually in 2023. CBC funding will be cut by 10 percent. There were some give-a-ways: almost 500-million for employment insurance , temporary help for small businesses and if you still want to work past 70, you no longer have to contribute to CPP.

The Church of England has voted down a "unity covenant" that was intended to help keep together the Anglican Communion, which is experiencing fierce divisions over theological differences. It was championed by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. An Anglican spokesman Jeff Walton, told our partner the Christian Post that he was unsurprised by the synod vote as more reflection is needed. While the global South Churches are biblically orthodox in their views; the Northern American Episcopal and Canadian Anglican Communion are revisionist in their views of scripture.

"Acts 29" Network co-founder Pastor Mark Driscoll has stepped down as President to make room for Matt Chandler . And later in the day, another major move was made by Driscoll. The Gospel Coalition announced that they had received a letter of his resignation as a council member. Driscoll plans to devote more time to his growing church. "Acts 29" is a network of church planters.

An Oklahoma law requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound has been overruled by a Judge. The law was passed two years ago, but hasn't been enforced because of a temporary injunction put on it. The judge says the law was unconstitutional and unenforceable.

Being stationed in Afghanistan didn't stop one soldier from seeing his son come into the world.
Specialist Brock Howland was with his wife Mary in Michigan…..via Skype, where he didn't leave her virtual side.

Apple's Siri is being sued again. A new class action suit was filed this week in Los Angeles claiming Apple oversold the program's abilities. The voice-activated personal assistant is built into Apple's iPhone 4S. Another suit was filed earlier this month in New York. The plaintiffs say Siri isn't as easy to use as the commercials make it out to be. This latest lawsuit wants damages paid to iPhone 4S owners. Apple has not commented .

Our final item today: I went out to "A Concerned Catholic Parents of Ontario" rally against the Province's anti-bullying Legislation: Bill 13.

The Religious rights rally drew a diverse crowd outside the Provincial Legislature at Queen's Park. Bill 13 requires all school boards to implement policies to combat bullying and promote inclusiveness. Identified were gay-straight alliances which drew the ire of the Catholic Board, declaring the bill an infringement on their religious rights. The Director of Concerned Catholic Parents Kim Galveo had this to say…. 

John Fonseca with "The Campaign Life Coalition" also joined the rally, calling the Bill a Front for a sex education agenda.