CP World Report: Peyton Manning, Crystal Cathedral, Syria, Boko Haram

The body count is climbing in Syria and the al Assad regime is putting roadblocks in the way of humanitarian relief and international observers. This week, Canada closed its embassy there because of the continuing violence and several rebel groups have called on the American military to help. Senator John McCain suggested it's time for a more forceful plan than economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation.

The Radical Islamic group Boko Haram renewed its assaults in Nigeria, attacking two churches, a police station, and a government building in the town of Konduga. The group's 3 hour rampage of violence killed at least two people and sent residents running for their lives. During the Christmas season, Boko Haram set off bombs that killed dozens; and the group's leader released a You Tube video that condemned Christians, saying his terrorist group attacks Christians in order to avenge Muslim deaths.

The string of violent storms and tornadoes that tore through the American mid-west and South killed 37 people and left a trail of devastation. As families scrambled for their lives, so did their pets. Michael Clark filed a unique report featuring an animal shelter, trying to reunite strays with their owners.

A new house and a new car! That's what a Michigan woman bought….. following a one million dollar lottery win. 
But the winnings apparently weren't enough to cover her grocery bill. 
The woman was spotted using a state issued food assistance card to buy groceries. 
Listen to her reasoning... 

"Well, I thought that they would cut me off. But since they didn't, I thought maybe it was ok because I'm not working." 

Reporter: "But you won a million dollars..." 
"No, I won a million but after I took the lump sum, it dropped down to $700,000 and then after taxes it was just a little bit over half." 

Reporter: "Tax payers are really struggling that really need that money. Do you really think you have a right to that money?" 
"I mean... I kind of do." 
"I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay. I have two houses." 

Michigan state leaders are working on a bill that would keep lottery winners from getting state assistance.

The Crystal Cathedral has confirmed that it fired three relatives of Rev. Robert Schuller, the founder of the mega church. The decision was a part of an effort to revamp the church's weekly television show, the "Hour of Power." Schuller's daughter, Gretcher Penner, producer of the "Hour of Power," and her husband Jim Penner, the show's executive producer, were both dismissed. Schuler's other son in law Jim Coleman also lost his job. The ministry has been experiencing increasing difficulties following its bankruptcy claim. The show will now temporarily go into reruns.

The U.K. Evangelical Alliance has accused the Equality and Human Rights Commission of failing to stand up for religious belief. The Commission stated in a report that an employer may " refuse to accommodate an individual's religious beliefs where the beliefs involve discrimination. It pointed specifically to cases involving Christians particularly one where a relationship counsellor refused to provide therapy to same sex couples.


Peyton Manning's 14 year career as quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts is over. Since being drafted by the Colts in 1998, Manning has set every franchise passing record, and is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. Team owner Jim Irsay said that circumstances a salary cap and Manning's neck injuries were "too difficult to overcome,". Manning's contract required that he be paid $28 million if he was still on their roster today. Peyton was released at an emotional press conference, where he spoke.

And that concludes this edition of World Report, I'm Christine Williams

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