Darth Vader's Wife Assaulted: Punched in the Face Trying to Protect Darth Vader (PHOTO)

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(Photo: Reuters/William Gularte)People dressed as characters from Star Wars pose during a Star Fans Celebration in Guatemala City October 2, 2011. The celebration, aimed at fans of the films, took place for the seventh consecutive year.

Darth Vader's wife has been punched, and a British man arrested for the assault, according to reports.

The British man was allegedly involved in an angry confrontation with another man, who had changed his name to that of the infamous Star Wars fictional character.

Mark Nokes changed his name to Darth Vader for charity last year, but recently got into a violent face off with neighbor Ikbal Hare. The confrontation ended up getting Hare a criminal record and 18 months community service.

According to court testimony revealed this week, the problems occurred when Hare accused his neighbor, Darth Vader, of having intimate relations with his girlfriend, the Birmingham Mail has reported.

Hare, 35, angrily confronted Vader about the affair last month, but Vader denied any such relationship with the man's girlfriend.

Prosecutor Tim Sapwell said to the court, "There was a scuffle involving the two men and Mrs. Vader tried to get between them," according to the Express & Star.

He added, "The defendant struck her, but there is evidence that, in fact, he had been trying to hit Darth Vader."

Darth Vader's wife then demanded Vader get back into their house, and to protect him she locked the door so that Hare could not longer continue his attack against him.

Hale, undeterred by his assault on Vader's wife, then ran off only to return with a knife, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Vader, seeing Hale, and obviously infuriated by the assault on his wife, climbed out of his house's window to go after the attacker, but Hale fled.

Police finally caught up with Mrs Vader's assaulter two days later and arrested him. He was charged and pleaded guilty on Monday to possessing a bladed article, assault and disorderly behavior. The judge ordered him to take an anger management course.

Darth Vader did not get on the dark side of the judge.