'Destiny 2': No PC Version Planned

(Photo: Bungie)A screenshot from "Destiny."

Although the general consensus is that "Destiny 2" is coming to PC, a new report suggests that this might not be what Bungie has in mind.

A job listing by High Moon Studios, who is working hand in hand with Bungie for the new "Destiny" game, suggests that their efforts are focused on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The studio is looking for a mission designer who will be working on the consoles. The lack of mention of the PC has many under the impression that "Destiny 2" will not be released to the platform.

Game Rant, who first spotted the listing, speculates that "Destiny 2" will only be ported over to the PC from the console versions or that Bungie is not actively working on it yet.

The PC version of "Destiny 2" might be released at a much later date, much like how Rockstar Games released "Grand Theft Auto 5" for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS4) first before it came out with a PC version.

At the moment, however, there is no official word from Bungie with regard to its release plans. Details about "Destiny 2" are still scarce despite its nearing launch.

Publisher Activision, however, is expected to talk about the sequel in detail at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June.

As for the release date, a user on Reddit has reason to believe that "Destiny 2" will be out and about as early as Aug. 29, as this will mark the end of Daybreak.

Daybreak, of course, is the brand-new Strike modifier for the original game made for the ongoing Age of Triumph event.

As gamers know, there will be one week's worth of Daybreak every month until July 18 to be followed by six weeks straight of the strike, which ends on Aug. 29.

It is believed that something special will happen on that day and rumor has it that it will be the release of "Destiny 2." Of course, this remains unfounded yet so fans should take this report with a grain of salt.