DeVon Franklin Wanted To Remain Professional, Not Date Meagan Good

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(Photograph:Twitter/MeaganMGoodNews)Meagan Good was criticized for her ensemble at the 2013 BET Awards.

DeVon Franklin, Hollywood executive and preacher, is revealing that he almost did not date his current wife Meagan Good to avoid seeming unprofessional.

The pair worked together on the 2011 film "Jumping The Broom," but Franklin wanted nothing more than to view the Christian actress as a colleague.

"I was mindful of crossing that professional line," Franklin told ESSENCE magazine recently. "Then, while we were talking at the Jumping The Broom premiere party, I thought, 'Wait! Something is going on here' but I kept trying to tell myself, 'No, no no.'"

Now, he views the 32-year-old actress as nothing short of a blessing in his life.

"Meagan is just so precious, so incredible," Franklin told ESSENCE. "When she walks in the room, I think 'Wow, is that really my wife? God must really think highly of me!'"
Franklin previously offered some advice about how some people's preferences can cause them to miss out on love.

"What if your greatest blessing is lying on the other side of the very thing you keep rejecting because you don't think it looks like what you want it to look like," Franklin questioned an OWN "Life Class" audience recently. "When it came to love and it came to dating, I said I would never date an actress."

Franklin said he believed that not wanting something will bring it into your life.

"The fastest way for something to happen in your life, is just say, 'I'll never do it,'" he said.

However, Franklin said that patience is key to maintaining a good relationship.

"I wish there was somebody in the house who knew that there was power in the patienceā€¦if you just wait, God will do it," he previously said, according to S2S Magazine.

In the February 2012 issue of EBONY, Franklin wrote his wife a love letter where he talks about being blessed to love her.

"I'm amazed at how incredible God really is. How incredible that He chose me with the blessing of loving you," Franklin wrote to his wife. "You are my true love. I can absolutely say I started living when you came into my life. Each day, I'm so grateful that I can love you and be loved by you."